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Post  Heather :) on Mon Aug 15, 2011 1:06 am

Welcome all Very Happy Thanks for finding your way to this page! I got the idea to create this online sort of book club today, while driving to school! And I just ran with it! So just a warning, I am totally new at this and have no idea exactly what I am doing. I know that my goal is this : to bring people together who love to read. Where we can all talk about the books we love and hate, about our favorite characters, just about anything really! I want it to be a peaceful and fun environment for EVERYONE! So if you have any thoughts or ideas on what could improve this group, please feel free to SHARE THEM! Lol.
And, finally about the choosing of books. I want that to be a group effort. That way, everyone will like what we read. I don't just want to pick a book, and then have everyone hate it! So I am still working on ideas for that! Again, if you have any, SHARE THEM Very Happy
So, read, have fun and oh yeah, READ Razz
Heather :)
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